June is CMV Awareness Month in Idaho!

With the help of Senator Abby Lee and the other Idaho legislators, June has officially been adopted as CMV Awareness Month in the state of Idaho. June has previously been named CMV awareness month nationally, but adding the designation for our state, specifically, serves to add an increased level of emphasis and awareness. This article denotes the specific awareness activities that the Advocacy Project is working on as June quickly approaches.

CMV Awareness Month

While the Health Department is diligently working on creating CMV prevention materials, the Idaho CMV Advocacy Project is hard at work on their next project. Again, with the help of our legislature, we ware working on a resolution to recognize the month of June as CMV Awareness Month in Idaho. June has previously been deemed CMV Awareness Month at a federal level, but passing the resolution in our state will only get the word out more. Stop CMV!

Idaho Signs CMV Bill Into Law!

In March of 2017, our goal was realized and the first law regarding CMV was introduced in Idaho! The legislature, public, and press were all overwhelmingly supportive of this venture. Because of this legislation, Idaho’s Department of Health and Welfare will have $15,000 per year to work on getting CMV education and prevention materials out to the public! Be looking for these pamphlets and flyers in doctors’ offices and daycare centers near you soon!